MPAC has a framework of employed physicians and network physician partners to provide medical services across the post-acute spectrum. This includes specialties ranging from nephrology to oncology.


MPAC's internal medicine physician partners are available to serve as attending physicians to residents at nursing facilities.

MPAC physicians and physician partners work closely with NP's and PA's who are the cornerstone to MPAC's SNF Program. In doing so, they provide an enhanced level of care and have greater capacity to take on more patients. MPAC physician partners provide care for patients with a variety of payer sources - including Medicaid.

MPAC physicians and physician partners:

  • Spend less time on non-billable patient management activities
  • Benefit from improved efficiencies allowing them to take on a larger patient load
  • Are desirable partners for managed care, ACO's, and other shared saving organizations
  • Receive fewer calls during the day, evening and weekend

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